Scale Treatment Equipment – Denjii DJJP01


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    Scale Treatment Equipment – Denjii DJJP01

    The equipment based on the principles of electrolysis to seperates chemical elements such as Ca2+, Mg2+,… in water, these ions form deposits on the walls of pipes and interfere water transfer processes, the equipment will collect sediments in tanks and cooling tower, Denjii has the ability to soften deposits in the pipe, peeling off those deposits.

    Denjii water treatment equipment is designed to replace the use of chemicals to remove lime scale and boiler corrosion. The biggest advantage of this equipment is its ability to increase efficiency for boilers. On average, a boiler has a residue of 3 mm (1/8 ”) – 10 mm (7/16 ”), which corresponds to a heat loss of 20% – 50%. The Denjii water treatment plant gradually removes the lime scale, which allows the boiler to operate at optimum efficiency


    Denjii is devied 2 product
    1. Scaling Collector Equipment
    Thiết bị xử lý cáu cặn Denjii DJJP01
    2. Magnetic wire

    Main benefit:
    Dissolve and remove scale
    Preventing scale
    Kill bacteria and algae
    Increase the filtration efficiency
    Reduce significantly corrosion
    Financial and Environments Benefit:
    Saving electricity consumption
    Increase the efficiency of heating equipment and machine
    Eliminate and reduce chemical
    Addition Benefit:
    It is easy to install without cutting, connecting pipe
    Not dependent on the flow of water; even when water is slow or stops flowing
    Denjii will transmit magnetic fields to the entire water system
    Provides 24-hour protection
    Do not interfere with other electrical systems

    What cause scales formation in the boiler?

    In boilers, scale problems are very common because solids dissolved under the effect of heat change to precipitate and stick to the heat exchange surfaces. If the boiler is not properly handled, there is a potential risk of malfunction, shortening the system’s life span. therefore, the boiler maintenance needs to be checked daily and daily.

    2. How to handle scale in boiler?

    On the market today there are many methods to handle scale such as:
    – Use chemicals to inhibit scale, manual cleaning by adding cleaning chemicals.
    – Use ion exchange column to soften water or filter RO.
    (2 above methods still exist some limitations such as: High cost, not good handling efficiency, complicated operation)
    – Using Denjii scale equipment by electrolysis, this method saves costs as well as easy to install and use, bringing good results.

    3. Where should you buy products?

    With experience in dealing with scale, TIE will help you overcome this problem, we bring customers the best products with the criteria “Trust in all things” we always want. Helping customers with all their abilities.

    4. Why choose denjii and not other products ?

    – Denjii is imported directly from Japan, with smart technology and high standards, dejii will help eliminate:
    * Lime scale
    * Kill bacteria (moss) and remove biofilms
    * Eliminates corrosion inside pipes

    II. Application

    The denjii scale collection equipment is used to treat scale deposits for:
    – Cooling tower
    – Chiler system

    Winding device is used to remove scale in the pipe:
    – Water cooling pipe into the boiler
    – Water pipes come into the factory

    Made in Japan

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