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    Scale collector equipment Denjii DJ JPM 50 is product using widely.

    Specialize application in the pipe system of Chiller, pipe of Boiler, Consender, Heat exchanger, RO water purifier

    Denjii with the function of creating magnetic, the frequency rages from 2.8 – 3.8 kHz, Denjii  intergrates ions and sediments, rust as Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn, Si to make them lose ability bo stick on pipe system.

    Các phân tử trong nước giải phóng electron khỏi hydro. Electron là chất xúc tác làm cho các chất cáu cặn trong nước trung hòa với điện tích sẽ mềm cáu cặn hình thành từ Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe, Si sẽ trôi theo dòng nước đi ra ngoài.

    Molecule in water liberate electrons from hydro. Electron is additive that make sediments in water to neutralized the charge, which will soften the deposits of Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe, Si that will flow with the water going out.

    Don’t stick on surface

     Working principle of magnetic wire

    The signal of a wire creates magnetic field, and a signal cable wraps around the pipe

    In water, there are Ca, Mg, Fe, … and other mineral, mineral crystals form but can not cling surface of pipe.

    Capacity and product code:

    DJ JPM 50 uses 50mm pipe diameter, 21w power consumption

    DJ JPM 150  uses 150mm pipe diameter, 35w power consumption

    DJ JPM 200  uses 200 mm pipe diameter, 55w power consumption

    DJ JPM 300  uses 200 mm pipe diameter, 70w power consumption

    DJ JPM 350  uses 200 mm pipe diameter, 85w power consumption

     Effective Use:

    Denji 100% non-chemical scale treatment equipment uses electrolytic and magnetic technology, with this new Denjii technology that helps the factory solve the following 8 problems:

    Thoroughly treating and eliminating scale in equipment, Dejii collects sediments from 05kg – 3kg to remove rust from deposits in pipes (from 1-3 months);
    Prevent the formation of new scale and rust;
    Killing Legionella and Salmonella bacteria;
    Saving electricity consumption;
    Saving the cost of using chemicals periodically;
    Saving labor costs;
    Saving cost of water supply;
    Environmental protection and workers

    Origin: Made by Japan

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