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    With Denjii scale treatment equipment using new electrolytic and magnetic technology, replacing traditional chemical methods to create Green environment

    The Denjii scale collection equipment efficiently collects 0.5 -3 kg of scale
    The Denjii scale collection equipment prevents new rust formation
    The Denjii scale collection equipment can help kill Legionella, and inhibit algae
    The Denjii scale collection equipment helps to save power consumption

    Denjii scale treatment equipment does not use chemicals

    Denjii scaling treatment equipment saves on maintenance and cleaning costs

    Denjii scale treatment equipment saves on the cost of feed water

    Denjii scale treatment equipment Environmental and user safety


    Nguyên lý hoạt động của thiết bị xử lý quy mô Denjii:

    The device is based on the principle of electrolysis to separate chemical elements such as Ca2 +, Mg2 + in water, these ions form deposits on the walls of the tube and interfere with water transfer processes such as the tower. heat and chiller, the device will collect scale in tanks and cooling towers, and Denjii has the ability to soften stubborn deposits in the pipe, peeling off those deposits.

    thiết bị xử lý cáu cặn

    Denjii scale treatment equipment is designed to replace the use of chemicals to remove lime scale and boiler corrosion. The biggest advantage of this equipment is its ability to increase efficiency for boilers. On average, a boiler has a residue of 3 mm (1/8 ”) – 10 mm (7/16 ”), which corresponds to a heat loss of 20% – 50%. The Denjii scale treatment equipment gradually removes lime deposits, allowing the boiler to operate at optimum efficiency.


    Origin: Produced and distributed by Tie VN

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